For hundreds of years, pirates, sailors and indigenous island peoples have visited a tiny island called Jost Van Dyke now part of the British Virgin Islands. Since 1971, the Soggy Dollar Bar, on Jost’s White Bay, has been an oasis for modern sailors, vacationers, and beach bums – a beach bar where you could stop to sip one of their signature Original Painkiller drinks while watching the waves splash on arguably one of the most beautiful shores in the Caribbean. Located in the most beautiful, pristine location of White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, is the Soggy Dollar Bar.

This nondescript destination lies on a flawless beach and is one of the most popular stops of yacht charter guests in the British Virgin Islands. Regularly rated in the top five beach bars in the world, the Soggy Dollar Bar got its name from the type of currency it accepted. Patrons would sail into the bay, drop anchor, and dive overboard to swim to shore. They would pay for their order with the wet money in their pockets. The name seemed fitting to bar owner, Daphne Henderson, although today there’s a clothesline available for drip-drying that soggy money.

Ms. Henderson is credited with created the famous Painkiller drink, a delicious mix of pineapple juice, coconut cream, orange juice, and Pusser’s Rum. It is topped with a bit of nutmeg to complete the flavor fusion. The atmosphere is one of lighthearted fun and laid back relaxation. Some choose to relax in a hammock, lounge on their yacht deck, or play a game of “hook the ring.” Others prefer enjoy the cocktails and party under the perfect BVI sun. The locals call the area “bikini beach,” simply because the afternoons find more and more boats dropping anchor and bikini-clad patrons heading across the beach to enjoy the fare at the Soggy Dollar.

In addition to Painkillers, “Mitch” the bartender can prepare a Raspberry Therapy or Nilla Vanilla drink. The menu includes typical bar food, such as burgers and fries. You may want to try the flying fish sandwich, which is unique to the Soggy Dollar.

You can fly either into Tortola (Beef Island Airport) or St. Thomas. Getting to Soggy Dollar and the Sandcastle Hotel is easiest from Tortola, but airline fare variations and frequent flyer programs may make St. Thomas a more practical point-of-departure.

From Tortola you will need to get to West End Tortola and you'll take either the ferry or a chartered boat to Jost Van Dyke. To ensure catching the last ferry to Jost Van Dyke (6pm) you should arrive at Beef Island not later than 4pm. If this not possible, we will be glad to assist you in making arrangements for you to stay at a guest house on Tortola. Some logistics to factor in: from Beef Island Airport (Tortola) is a 45 minute cab ride which will bring you to West End.

From St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke you have several transportation choices. To ensure the greatest number of options it is recommended you arrive in St. Thomas no later than 3:30pm. The InterIsland Boat Services Ferry (340-776-6597) provides service to the British Virgin Islands from St. Thomas and St. John.

**There is no ferry service direct to Jost Van Dyke on Thursdays.

A pricier (but more direct) option is a water taxi to bring you directly into Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke from Red Hook, St. Thomas (est. $325 to $350 each way). Please let us know if this is your preferred mode of travel so that we may assist you in arranging it.